Taxi drivers protest at Mexico City International Airport, blocking access to terminals


Taxi drivers blocked access to two terminals at Mexico City International Airport on Tuesday in an apparent protest against ride-sharing apps, shutting down traffic at one of Latin America’s busiest airports. The protests have blocked access to Terminals 1 and 2 of Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport (AICM), according to an afternoon tweet from an airport account, and vehicle access in some areas has been restricted.

A statement from the National Transport Movement of Mexico, a collective of transport workers, said it planned to demonstrate at the airport “with the aim of joining forces so that together we defend our source of work”, in an apparent rally against ride-sharing apps like Uber, which operates to and from the airport. Traditional taxis were “disappearing”, the group said, adding that government authorities had left them “helpless”.

Taxi drivers have blocked major roads in Mexico City to protest ride-sharing apps in recent years, calling for them to be subject to the same regulations as taxis. This latest protest comes as the airport is already under heightened surveillance for air traffic safety as images posted on social media show a plane coming to land at Benito Juarez airport as well as another waiting. to take off on the same runway.

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