Supreme Court rules Biden could end Trump’s ‘stay in Mexico’ policy


In a major victory for White House Biden, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the administration could end the Trump-era “stay in Mexico” policy that allowed many asylum seekers south of the US border to attend their immigration hearings. forced to wait.

A 5-4 majority, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, concluded that the October 29 memo from the Department of Homeland Security was the latest to end the policy.

The administration had repeatedly tried to end the policy – officially known as the Migrant Protection Protocol – claiming it was a poor tool to prevent illegal migration, leaving immigrants aware of the unacceptable risks. , and separated from the authority of the executive over the management of territorial migrations as it considered it. Adapted.

Proponents of the policy say it has helped reduce the flow of migrants to the United States.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Biden administration is not authorized to overturn President Trump’s “stay in Mexico” policy.
The policy forces many asylum seekers to live south of the US border while awaiting immigration hearings.
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Living in Mexico
President Joe Biden ended the “stay in Mexico” policy shortly after taking office.

The order was discontinued shortly after President Biden first took office, and the Department of Homeland Security officially ended in June 2021.

The White House has urged the Supreme Court to hear the case after a lower court judge dismissed the administration saying it had ‘no input from Congress, no general rule-making process and no judicial review”. “

Supporters of the policy say it has reduced the flow of migrants to the United States.
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