SPACE10 hosts a 14-day design festival in Mexico City to explore “Beyond Human-Centered Design”


SPACE10 hosts a 14-day design festival in Mexico City to explore “Beyond Human-Centered Design”

SPACE10, IKEA’s independent research and design lab, presents the first glimpse of its two-week design program in Mexico City. Held in the exhibition space, LOOT, the pop-up explores the theme “Beyond Human-Centered Design” to rethink design that embraces both people and the planet. With over 45 speakers, the pop-up includes daily panels and keynotes, exhibits, multiple workshops, a live radio show, and immersive dining experiences. Taking place from March 26 to April 9, 2022, the program promises a comprehensive and exhilarating exploration of how design and technology can be a powerful force to reimagine and create a better everyday life.

“For decades, designers have learned to put individual needs at the center of their work, but design that is only good for a group of individuals, without considering the well-being of our planet and society. as a whole, has become us in trouble. We are in the midst of an accelerating climate crisis, while longstanding injustices remain unresolved. Through the prism of design, we believe it is possible to tackle complex challenges and, by bringing people together, to explore new and better ways forward.
—Simon Caspersen, co-founder, SPACE10

In collaboration with Mexico City-based architecture and design curator Mario Ballesteros, SPACE10’s program includes local and international thought leaders, technologists, universities and creatives, such as What Design Can Do, Iberoamericana University, Oficina de Resiliencia Urbana, Fernando Laposse, Seetal Solanki and Edwina Portocarrero. In collaboration with SPACE10, the multidisciplinary creative studio Niños Heroes transforms the design and layout of LOOT. An installation of Tezontle was specially commissioned for the space.
SPACE10’s collective Copenhagen office will be in Mexico City to participate in daily panels and engage in dedicated research assignments. Projects include a two-day design and technology hackathon, field research in Latin America around the essentials for better daily living, and a residency in Mexico City exploring the use of local biomaterials.

Daily panels and keynotes will take place at LOOT with a new list of speakers each day. A sample of discussions includes:
On March 28, the panels kick off with Thinking Beyond Human-Centered Design, a global conversation that sets the tone for the weeks ahead. SPACE10 explores the role of the designer and how collaboration can meet today’s complex challenges. Edwina Portocarrero, Gabo Calvillo, Mariana Balderas and Jorge Camacho will join the opening night.
What Design Can Do organizes the cultural policies of tomorrow, a lively town hall-style meeting where prominent members of the creative community and Mexican government decision-makers dialogue over a few beers.
SPACE10’s José de la O and Georgina McDonald will discuss how advanced technologies can enable sustainability and regeneration in the panel, Tomorrow’s Technologies: Everyday Experiments.
Shedding light on how to design and build better cities, Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods brings together architects, urban planners and curators, including ORU Mexico and Mario Ballesteros.
colectivo amasijo joins a conversation around Regenerative Food Futures to explore how production systems can ensure affordable, accessible and healthy food for as many people as possible, before hosting a dynamic and experiential dinner.
For guests looking for a full day of immersive conversations, Saturday, April 2 promises a packed schedule as speakers take the stage for Imagining a New Design Paradigm. The afternoon is about whether traditional design methods can solve the problems we face today or if it’s time to enter a whole new era of design thinking. The inspiring line-up includes Mariam Bujalil from Iberoamericana, Nanette Weisdal from IKEA and Kara Pecknold from frog.
Carlos Matos and Lucas Cantú, founders of Tezontle, will create a series of Totems that will unfold throughout the space.
March 31-April 2: Matteo Loglio and Simone Rebaudengo, co-founders of oio studio, join SPACE10’s Everyday Experiments, an ongoing experimental platform in partnership with IKEA on how tomorrow’s technologies can improve everyday life. Their experience comes to life at LOOT to show how technology can create a new sense of intelligence in everyday objects.
April 8-9: Tomorrow’s Materials: After a six-week residency on local biomaterials in Mexico with SPACE10 and materials translator Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er, residents will unveil their work in an exhibition that imagines the materials of tomorrow .

Workshops & Hackathon
Three workshops will allow people to enjoy a more hands-on approach with dedicated programs alongside SPACE10 team members. Guests can register now at
Life at Home 2030 Hackathon aims to develop multiple perspectives on how the technologies of tomorrow can reconcile the needs of the many with the needs of our planet. We want to explore what is important to people in Mexico City about future technologies, potential applications of these technologies in the home, and possible adoption behaviors at the individual and community levels. Applications are now open.
Everython Latinoamérica is a half-day workshop inviting an interdisciplinary group of participants from fields such as design, art, journalism, technology and social innovation. The workshop will practice thinking about the future and using the power of the collective imagination to envision everyday life in the 2050s and our relationship with technology.
Tomorrow’s Materials: Join artist Edith Medina for an introduction to biomaterials, ecology and local waste.

food drink
Guests are warmly welcome to hang out in the space, with food available from Salut by LOOT. Offering an assortment of coffees, snacks, wines and meals, you can sit in the cafe or enjoy a seat on the terrace. With a lively atmosphere, the pop-up is designed to foster community, and everyone is encouraged to come and say hello to the team and collaborators.

SPACE10 Radio
SPACE10 will host a daily radio show at LOOT inviting speakers, thought leaders and artists from the program to engage in deeper conversation after the physical sessions. The radio show will serve as a link to daily events happening in space, allowing a global audience to tune in to live updates from Mexico City.

Over the years, SPACE10 has popped up in cities like New York, London, Shanghai, Nairobi and more recently Delhi. The Mexico City Pop-Up will be open from March 26, 2022 to April 9, 2022, with daily programming at LOOT, located at Guanajuato 227, Roma Nte.


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