New roles for Maria Abi-Habib and Natalie Kitroeff in Mexico City


Since arriving in Mexico City in April 2020, Natalie Kitroeff was a tour de force in its coverage of the region. So when it came time to look for a new office manager, we knew it had to be her.

As Mexico City Bureau Chief, Natalie will lead our news coverage in the region ahead of a critically important presidential election season in Mexico, with far-reaching implications for the United States. United.

In 2020, Natalie’s coverage of the impact of Covid-19 revealed Mexico City officials were concealing the severity of the virus from citizens and a nationwide shortage of oxygen tanks left Mexicans dying at home.

She also led a team that uncovered serious flaws in the construction of Mexico City’s metro system that led to the collapse of an overpass that killed 26 people and injured dozens more – an investigation that is now part of of a set of stories that is a Loeb prize. finalist this year.

Natalie’s reporting also shed light on the Biden administration’s policies in Central America: she showed how the growing migration crisis on the southern border has crippled the United States’ anti-corruption platform, as have leaders strong regional governments have tightened their grip on power, and how billions of dollars spent on aid programs have failed to stem migration.

In July, she led the office’s review of the US ambassador’s relationship with the Mexican president, which many US officials fear could harm US interests in the region.

This month, Natalie returned to The Daily, making frequent guest appearances.

Congratulations to Maria and Natalie who will both step into these new roles in the fall.

Michael Slackman, Lauren Katzenberg, Greg Winter and Diego Ribadeneira


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