Minister Bah speaks on cultural policies at the Mondiacult conference in Mexico City


Mr. Bah was among 150 culture ministers from around the world who met in Mexico City, Mexico, from September 28-30, 2022.

The last MONDIACULT conference was held in 1982 – 40 years ago in Mexico City and this made the concluded conference a very important one worth following.

The official opening of the ceremony took place at the National Auditorium in Mexico City and was presided over by the Mexican Federal Secretary of Culture, Alejandra Frausto.

In her speech, she explained the very important role that culture can play in overcoming the canker of racism in the world.

Addressing the conference, the Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Madame Audrey Azoulay, reiterated the power of culture to develop communities and economies.

She urged the government and UNESCO Member States to work towards strengthening cultural policies in their countries so that people can economically reap the benefits of culture, forge unity and give people a spirit of togetherness. and cooperation.

She added that through culture, many problems that the world is currently facing can be solved.

The Gambian Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hon. Hamat NK Bah explained the importance of cultural policies with regard to the development of the cultural sector.

He noted that shortly after taking office, the National Arts and Culture Center (NCAC) was supported by UNESCO to inaugurate a new cultural policy for The Gambia to replace the 1988 cultural policy, “a cultural policy that is ready and fully operational”. supported by other action strategies in the culture sector and also in the tourism sector.

Minister Bah reiterated some of the achievements made in the culture sector in The Gambia, including the ratification by the National Assembly of the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) as well as the recent report Gambia’s successful periodical (the NCAC of the 1972 UNESCO Convention on World Heritage and also the 2005 Convention on the Promotion of Cultural Diversity).

The Minister noted that The Gambia has managed to report all these conventions on all its activities of these conventions to UNESCO and the reports have been fully accepted. He added by explaining that The Gambia is currently working with the NCAC to successfully report on activities towards the 2003 Conventions on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Minister Bah also urged other Ministers of Culture around the world to redouble their efforts, update and ensure that they have inclusive and gender-responsive cultural policies that would serve as a guide for all artisans. and cultural activities.

Minister Bah was accompanied by his permanent secretary, Mrs. Kodou Jabang Linguire Senghore, and the director general of the National Directorate of Arts and Culture, Mr. Hassoum Ceesay.


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