Mercedes-EQ opens a distribution center in Mexico City


MEXICO CITY – Mercedes-EQ already has its first authorized distributor in Mexico City. There are now 4 different showrooms in the country for the brand’s 100% electric vehicles.

With the Mercedes-EQ point of sale in Mexico City, the goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2039. Since 2021, the brand’s rapid electrification strategy has been announced, and the goal is to have a 100% EV portfolio by the end of the decade.

By 2022, Mercedes-Benz plans to have an all-electric option globally. And by 2025, customers will be able to choose an all-electric version of each of the models in the portfolio in every corner of the planet.

The Automotriz Hermer authorized dealer who will take Mercedes-EQ to Mexico City has a 30-year presence in the country. This is a big step towards the electrification of the brand.

Mercedes-Benz Mexico estimates that the sale of 100% electric vehicles will account for 20% of new car sales by 2023. Therefore, the expansion of Mercedes-EQ sales and service outlets will continue.

During the second half of 2022, the firm will present 4 new models of the brand. Among them, the first 100% electric AMG: Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+. Additionally, EQB 300 4MATIC and EQS SUV will be added. Finally, the EQE 350 and the AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+ will be introduced in the third quarter for the Mexican market.


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