Mass rally in Mexico City to support electricity reform


Just three days before the consultation on the revocation of the mandate of the president, Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of Mexico City, together with officials and members of the MORENA (Movement of National Regeneration) party, organized a rally on Wednesday attended by nearly 80,000 people who support the electricity reform debate proposed by President Lopez Obrador.

The rally, which filled the main streets of the city’s downtown core and took place at the Monument to the Revolution, ended late Wednesday night as one of the biggest and most debated demonstrations for constitutional reform. and the most complex presented by the president in his nearly three years in office.

Thousands of people gathered in different places after noon, despite the oppressive heat, until they started marching towards the capital’s city center. The head of the government of Mexico, who called for the mobilization, explained that she participated as a simple citizen but also as a civil servant.

In his speech, Sheinbaum called on federal lawmakers to defend national sovereignty and the interests of the people, and to vote in favor of reform aimed at strengthening the Federal Electricity Commission, which foreign companies are trying to destroy.

Regarding the revocation of the mandate of the president, whose popular consultation will take place on April 10, she said that President Lopez Obrador is not alone, and we tell him from here that he will not be defeated by slander because the people accompany him.



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