Indigenous Purépacha leaders begin a caravan to Mexico City


The leader of the Supreme Indigenous Council of Michoacán (CSIM), Pavel Guzman, said they would demand structural works and that 300 Purépecha indigenous authorities from a number of peoples would participate in the march.

The protest will pass through a number of areas of the capital, with a rally later held in front of the National Palace, accompanied by organizations such as the coordinator of the Ecatepec settlement and groups from the National Indigenous Congress.

The leader of Purépecha said that they will demand the guarantee of the human rights of the indigenous communities, since 20% of the indigenous peoples do not have drinking water or drainage.

They will also request a million pine seedlings to reforest native areas, “because the forest authorities have told us that this year they will not have that support, we are also requesting helicopters to fight forest fires”, said Pavel Guzman.

He said that another of his demands is the creation of working groups for the defense and restitution of territories in the face of the invasion of transnational corporations that lease land in the areas of Purépecha for the cultivation of berries, avocados and potatoes, but later aim to appropriate the land.

The head of CSIM said that they also demand respect for the autonomy process, since the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples takes up to three months to issue the certificates of indigenous community, which delays the delivery of the direct budget to the communities.



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