Dozens of groups file brief opposing stay-in-Mexico policy ahead of Supreme Court arguments


“Tens of thousands of people legally attempting to seek protection in the United States have been subjected to an inherently cruel policy that locks those seeking safety at our border into dangerous and often deadly situations,” one of the signatories said. ,, in a statement received by Daily Kos. “Asylum seekers’ stories are highlighted in this brief currently before the Supreme Court.”

Among them, Jonathan and Daya, a young couple who are expecting a child in a few weeks. But US border officials separated the family instead, allowing Daya to seek help but forcibly returning Jonathan to Mexico. Another family, Roberto and his son Mario, were completely stranded and targeted by cartels just days after being deported to Mexico. As Mario fled, he has no idea what happened to his father.

But Mario’s nightmare didn’t end there, the legal filing says. He again applied for asylum, this time on his own, and was treated as an unaccompanied minor. It was then that he discovered he had received a removal order “in absentia” after missing his hearing. You know, after being violently targeted by cartels. But as gruesome as it sounds, it’s by no means unique, as previous reports have revealed.

The lawyers said that a decision on Biden vs. Texas could extend far beyond asylum policy because judges will decide whether an incumbent president even has the ability to legitimately end the very flawed policy of a predecessor. But the courts have also made no secret of the fact that they believe that Democratic presidents have no right to govern.

“Voters rejected President Trump’s failed policies at the ballot box in 2018 and 2020,” Justice Action Center Director Karen Tumlin said. “Blocking President Biden’s power to override Trump’s executive orders has broad implications for executive power. Unless the Supreme Court overturns the lower court’s decision, those fleeing for their lives will continue to suffer extreme violence and cruelty in violation of their congressional and statutory rights to seek safety. Upholding the Fifth Circuit’s decision would affirm an attack on the very values ​​and system of our American democracy.”


The legal file is part of a #SafeNotStranded campaign seeking to shed light on the dispute. Texas, in particular, has used right-wing courts to sabotage the president’s immigration program, including forcing the cancellation of Mexico stays and sending vulnerable people back for imminent harm.

“Since its inception, Remain in Mexico has always been about using cruelty to deter people in desperate need of protection from seeking help from the United States, and we have seen firsthand the devastating human effects of this harmful approach. “said the director of immigration capacity building,” said Susie Haslett. “The idea that our justice system could force this administration, or future administrations, to continue inflicting cruelty on people is unthinkable, with consequences far beyond border and immigration policy.”

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