County Judge Says Proactive Approach Needed After ‘Stay in Mexico’ Policy


EL PASO, Texas — El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego said the county and city of El Paso are ready for migrants to begin entering the United States if the Mexico stay policy is lifted.

But the judge also told ABC-7 that he would rather the administration set a date than have it happen suddenly.

Samaniego said El Paso had been better prepared due to the possible lifting of the 42 title.

“We have to be ready for that, the numbers are going to go up, the upside is going to be pretty good. I think we’ll probably do better than any border community,” he said.

He said the city could be expecting thousands of people. Samaniego said that since this policy has been in place, Ciudad Juarez is feeling the greatest impacts.

“They don’t have the resources the United States has, so we’re preparing.”

Samaniego said one way they will need to prepare is to secure a treatment center and a large shelter for the area.

The Casa de Refugiado is expected to close in July.

“I hope we will have to come back to this idea of ​​the treatment center as well as the shelter the size of the Refugiado. It would be run by the city and the county. We wouldn’t run it, but we would watch it for someone else to run it. “

He said that when rumors of Title 42 being lifted were circulating, he met with several agencies, including Border Patrol and ICE. He said now that they should do the same with this policy.

Judge Samaniego says it’s time to prepare.

“I’m going to recommend that we get together very quickly and not wait for President Biden to make a decision. If he waits too long it’s good for us, too long may not be too good for us but too fast can be detrimental.


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