Central Texas Congressman Introduces Bill to Make ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy Permanent | Local News


U.S. Representative Roger Williams, R-Austin, introduced a bill on Tuesday that would make former President Donald Trump’s “stay in Mexico” policy permanent in response to the ongoing crisis on the U.S. southern border.

The bill, House Resolution 5294, known as the “Make the Migrant Protection Protocols Mandatory Act,” is the House Senate companion bill 1580, introduced by U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn.

“President (Joe) Biden’s first action upon taking office was to undo President Trump’s successful ‘Stay in Mexico’ policy,” Williams said. “It’s no surprise that Biden, who has campaigned for open borders and free health care for illegal migrants, is taking steps to make it easier for illegal immigrants to exploit the asylum process. and breaking the laws of our country.”

Williams added that Biden had “single-hand created the worst humanitarian and national security crisis on our southern border in American history.”

Since March, 50,000 migrants have been released in the United States without a court date and must report to a local Immigration and Customs Enforcement office to register, he added. Of these, only 13% of migrants who received a summons complied with it.

“As President Biden and his ever-elusive ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris attempt to bury the truth, Republicans are taking action to secure the border and expose Democrats for their failure to uphold the rule of law and keep Americans safe,” Williams said. “I am proud to work alongside my friend, Senator Marsha Blackburn, to advance this important legislation that appropriately responds to the disaster created by Joe Biden.”

Blackburn applauded Williams’ companion bill for the House.

“President Biden’s failed immigration policies have created a crisis on our southern border,” Blackburn said. “Over a million illegal aliens have been encountered on our southern border since Biden was sworn in. Biden repealed President Trump’s successful policy that required migrants to stay in Mexico while seeking asylum. My legislation will end Biden’s decision to catch and release migrants into our communities and restore President Trump’s Remain in Mexico program.


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