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The CEO of voting systems company Dominion told CBS “60 minutes“that Fox News knew that the allegations stemming from the 2020 presidential election, which were made by former President Donald Trump and his associates, were false.

Nevertheless, the head of Dominion states that the network decided to broadcast remarks that they knew were false anyway.

“We told them,” Dominion CEO John Poulos said. 60 minutes. “We told them in real time. Others told them. Government officials told them. Partisan government officials told them. People inside the Trump administration told them. Uh, local election officials on both sides of the aisle told them. It’s not a matter of not knowing the truth. They knew the truth.

In a statement given to Barrett News Media, a Fox News spokesperson denied the allegations.

“Fox News aired numerous segments verifying the allegations against Dominion. promoted across the network, including by Maria Bartiromo at the end of her Sunday morning Futures contracts program. Additionally, FOX News has repeatedly verified the voter fraud allegations and outlines several of the Dominion-specific segments below.

On November 22, 2020, FOX News anchor Eric Shawn interviewed Dominion spokesman Michael Steel where the fact verified several claims made by the Trump administration and its legal team. Notably, the interview was widely promoted across the network, including on Maria Bartiromo’s show. Sunday morning Futures contracts.”

Dominion is currently suing Fox and its parent company for $1.6 billion in a defamation lawsuit stemming from false statements Trump and his top backers made against the network-based voting systems company in the days following the announcement. 2020 election.

“We are confident that we will prevail because freedom of the press is fundamental to our democracy and must be protected, in addition to outrageous claims for damages, unsubstantiated and not grounded in sound financial analysis, serving no purpose. more than a blatant attempt to dissuade our reporters from doing their job,” a Fox News spokesperson said in a statement to Barrett News Media.


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