10 Must-Do Things When Visiting Mexico City


Mexico City is a fantastic tourist destination that offers a plethora of history and culture in the form of international museums, beautiful parks, magnificent archaeological structures and vibrant nightlife. Built by the Aztecs in 1325, the capital is one of the most intriguing places in the world. The world’s finest street food and art seem to be waiting around every corner in Mexico City. It can be difficult to choose precisely the best activities to do in North America’s largest city, so here are the 10 must-do things when visiting the city.

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ten Frida Kahlo’s house

Tourists have the chance to explore the world of famous painter Frida Kahlo by visiting her home where she was born, grew up and eventually died. This little house, which serves as the Frida Kahlo “Casa Azul” museum, is located in Coyoacán, her favorite neighborhood. It also contains his clothes, his diaries, his bed and his most precious works, including Viva la Vida (Long Live Life) and Frida y su cesárea (Frida and the Caesarean section). Visitors will be careful to spot the artist’s ashes which are still in the room where she slept.

9 Palacio Nacional or National Palace

The History of Mexico, a renowned mural by Diego Rivera, depicts events from the time of the Aztecs through the Spanish conquest, the Mexican Revolution and the rise of industry. Grand and intriguing, it offers a rare chance to discover the country’s past. The mural is located east of the Zócalo, in a prestigious structure that serves as a government office. Visitors will encounter a mix of local and international tourists marveling at Rivera’s masterpiece.

8 The Ciutadella

In this craft market, a spectrum of colors is revealed at every turn. Tourists will get lost among shelves of alebrijes and replicas of pre-Hispanic artwork, as well as jaguar heads, jugs and skulls in wood, black mud or with Huichol decoration. They will also find traditional games, saddlery, palm leaf baskets, pots, vases and Talavera plates. This market offers all the handicrafts sold in popular tourist destinations in the country.

seven Templo Mayor

Templo Mayor is one of the most amazing places and is partially hidden underground. When the metropolis was still called Tenochtitlan, the temple served as the residence of the Aztec Empire under King Montezuma. To demonstrate their superiority over the locals during the conquest, the Spaniards buried the temple below. Some bricks were also used to build the huge nearby cathedral known as the Catedral Metropolitana in Mexico City.

6 Xochimilco Gardens

Tourists can see the closest representation of the Valley of Mexico before the arrival of the Spaniards if they visit the south of the city. A remarkable remnant of the region’s pre-Hispanic is the vast lake and exceptional canal system known as Xochimilco, which originally connected most of the villages in the valley. Travelers can take a colorful boat called a trajinera and explore the canals and man-made islands.

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5 Chapultepec Forest

Chapultepec Forest, which hosts thousands of people every day, is one of the most popular areas to explore when tourists have free time. Corre, El Sope, Segundo Circuito, Circuito del Lago Mayor and Circuito Gandhi are the five free running tracks in Mexico City. The beautiful area is also home to several museums and places to relax. People can exercise and enjoy different activities in this forest.

4 metropolitan cathedral

With thousands of seats, the enormous Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the thirty largest cathedrals in the world. It is the largest of all the superb churches in Mexico City. The sanctuary houses the largest pipe organs in the Americas. For all these reasons, the church is on the wish list of many tourists.

3 Arena Coliseo

The Arena is a huge stadium that can accommodate 23,300 spectators for sports and entertainment activities. Its most notable function is to organize Lucha Libre wrestling competitions. The stadium is big and some seats are probably better than others. Visitors should make sure to get a front row seat if they’re a Lucha Libre fan; otherwise, cheap seats will be perfect for hanging out with friends.

2 Lanchacinema

Tourists can have an exceptional and incredible experience at Lanchacinema. They can see a movie from the comfort of a boat. Spectators can grab a blanket, pack a picnic basket, and rediscover Mexico City’s green lung while watching their favorite movie. This hobby is a unique way to spend a romantic evening with your significant other.

1 Latin American Tower

The tallest structure in the Centro Histórico is this 44-story skyscraper, which was built in 1965. The tower surprisingly survived large-magnitude earthquakes in 1985 and 2017. The high Torre decorates the sky of Mexico City and serves as a useful landmark for finding one’s way around the city center. For a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of the city, visitors can head to the upper-level observation deck. Alternatively, the newly refurbished bar and restaurant offers equally stunning views.


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