Euro 2016 Quarter Finals

Euro 2016

It’s been a while since I last said anything, we’ve had roller coaster matches, Holland continue their dominance by pwning France and Romania, France crashed out unceremoniously and many laughed and rejoiced. Adieu Les Bleues! Germany made things difficult for themselves by losing their second game to Croatia, but they sneak through by winning their last game. Italy also booked their passage to the quarters despite looking very un-current-World-Champions-like in most of their games. The only real surprise in the Quarter Finals is Russia. Visit How to Choose the Best Resort for Holiday for Holiday Info.

So it all kicks off today at 2:30pm on ESPN (as well as Deportes and with a juicy match many thought would be a Semi-Finals match up.

Portugal vs. Germany

This will be cracking, two good teams, but for the sake of argument I see Portugal winning this. While the Germans play good team football, Portugal have that flair that just ignites the imagination, and my highly scientific simulation in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 also says Portugal to win, and who am I to balk at science?

Croatia vs. Turkey

A little surprising at this stage, but only because Croatia upset Germany and Turkey broke a million Czech hearts with their dramatic comeback. The big question mark for Turkey is how they cope without first choice keeper Volkan after his injury time sending off against Czech Republic. I’m going with Croatia, as did PES2016, will we be 2 for 2?

Holland vs. Russia

Russia are a wily team, managed by former Dutch coach Guus Hiddink, but Holland have delighted us over and over this tournament and it’ll take a lot to prevent them steamrollering Russia into a fine paste. PES2016 says it’ll be a Boston Celtics-esque blowout but I beg to differ, I still think Holland will win but it’ll be a tight affair.

Spain vs. Italy

What happens when two superpowers collide? They have 4 World Cups and 2 European Championships between them, and their respective leagues dominate European football for starters. This will be a tight affair, Italy have been below-par this year and Spain might actually be the real deal, it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of match this produces. PES2016 says Italy, but I’m going with Spain.

Euro 2016 Quarter Finals

So prediction of mean we’ll have a Portugal vs. Croatia, Holland vs. Spain Semi Finals. Should be good…

Another good thing is the TV ratings on ESPN, I’ve only been able to find figures for the first 3 days but 683,000 for Germany vs. Poland is very good, but even better is 553,000 for Holland vs. Italy, which was a 2:30 kick off on a Monday. I can only imaging these will get bigger and bigger as the tournament progresses, especially now as we’re in the knockout stages.

And it’s also good to see I’m not alone in my hate of Julie Foudy.

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