A statue of an indigenous woman will replace Christopher Columbus in Mexico City


In commemoration of Indigenous Women’s Day, celebrated on September 5, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum made the decision to replace the statue of Christopher Columbus, located on Paseo de la Reforma, with a statue honoring the indigenous women.

Although the statue of Christopher Columbus is being moved to América Park, the decision has caused a lot of controversy.

“The Columbus statue will be moved to América Park, in the office of Mayor Miguel Hidalgo, in collaboration with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH),” the government of Mexico City announced in a press release. .

The First Lady, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, writer and researcher, celebrated the decision to remove the statue of Christopher Columbus and put in its place the statue of an indigenous woman.

“This year 2021, so symbolic because of the anniversaries that we remember, is also an invitation to reflection: I insist, let’s decolonize history,” Gutierrez said.

With the INAH, the statue Tlaliin honor of the indigenous women of Mexico, will be placed in the so-called Glorieta de Colón.

Tlali is in production in the studio of Mexican sculptor Pedro Reyes, and will be 6.5 meters tall. “Tlali” means “Earth” in Nahuatl and the artist said that the Earth is a female figure, because we all come from there and return to it.

“Earth is not just our past, in the 21st century our survival depends on taking care of it. If anyone can learn to care for this planet, it’s the original peoples. That’s what we have to come back. see, said Reyes.

The decision to place a statue honoring indigenous women was applauded by anti-colonialist movements in the country and the region. However, they do not agree with the relocation of Columbus and instead want a total removal of the strongest colonial image in Latin America.

On the other hand, the more conservative wing calls the decision to replace the statue of Columbus arbitrary.

“Disappearing, removing monuments and other architectural and artistic elements that are part of Mexico City’s great identity, without even asking citizens, seems arbitrary to me,” former President Felipe Calderón said on Twitter.

The AMLO administration is on a crusade to “rewrite” the history of the conquest and highlight the role of indigenous resistance.


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